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Did you know that not all ice is safe to consume?

While it may seem like a harmless food substance it can in fact have a negative health impact on your family or clients if it is not produced in the correct way.

Here at Tropical Ice we only manufacture and produce high quality food grade ice and we ensure our products meet even the most stringent of health standards. Tropical Ice has been accredited with food safety certification since 2002 and our ice is regularly laboratory tested to ensure it remains at a high health standard. Incorrectly prepared ice can be a source of bacteria, mould, yeast and e-coli.  In order to ensure our food grade ice remains safe to consume, at Tropical Ice we use a sanitary water supply and have a facility that prevents the contamination of our water supply and stored ice. We maintain all of our premises in a sanitary condition and ensure all Tropical Ice employers follow strict hygiene guidelines.  Clients who purchase our ice for their employees, workplaces or job sites can rest assured that they are providing a safe and hygienic product to their teams. Improperly manufactured ice can render employees ill and lead to shut-downs or the postponement of work. In the interest of meeting workplace health and safety standards, businesses can purchase their ice from us and rest assured that it is of the highest food grade quality. Here at Tropical Ice the health of our clients is our number one priority and we take pride in offering a high grade product.

Ice Hygiene - Our's is medical grade quality!