Disaster Ice


When it comes to dealing with natural disasters, our team at Tropical Ice has extensive experience helping residents through the aftermath.

Following a cyclone or severe storm many residents may find themselves without power, sometimes for days. In this event Tropical Ice is always on hand to supply residents with large quantities of ice and storage facilities for hire to help them through this period until the power can be restored. Ice can be used to preserve perishable food and to cool down food and water in the warmer seasons when overheating and dehydration can be a threat. According to Local City Council authorities, residents are advised not to drink or prepare food with tap water until the authorities have advised that the supplies are safe. In this situation Tropical Ice can provide carefully prepared food grade ice to residents while they wait for the main water supply to once again be declared safe. In the event of a natural disaster our team will keep residents updated on the availability of ice via a news bulletin posted to our website.

Residents can also follow us on Twitter at @tropicalicenq or call our office on (07) 4725 2411 in Townsville area or (07) 49 577888 in the Mackay, Whitsunday region. If the phones are down please continue to check our website for details and listen to the local radio stations for further information.