Frozen ice for retailers


Tropical Ice has been supplying products and services to all major retailers, supermarkets, hotels, service stations and mini-marts for over 40 years.

With a proven track record of providing reliable service and high grade ice to our customers, we have established a reputation as a community-minded business that can always be counted on to deliver. Our six day delivery service allows us to constantly keep our clients supplied with fresh produce, allowing them to always have high quality ice on hand to meet the demands of their customers. Here at Tropical Ice we have a fleet of vehicles to service our clients and we also operate extensively over the festive seasons, including the Christmas and Easter periods, to ensure our clients can continue to meet their customers’ demands.  We offer a range of appliances to rent including indoor ice-machines, freezers, large external ice cabinets and cool rooms, along with a range of other appliances to meet the needs of the retail sector. All these products are fully maintained by our team at Tropical Ice at no cost to the customer, in order to ensure our clients businesses can function smoothly.