Frozen ice for industrial applications


At Tropical Ice we have the resources readily available to produce large capacities of ice over a short period of time, a service which has proven invaluable to our industrial business clients.

In the past we have supplied ice to a number of high profile industrial projects throughout Queensland and we have become the first port of call for those in the industrial sector when it comes to collaborating on these projects. In 2011 Tropical Ice was the chosen supplier for the construction of the Ross River Bridge, which saw us supply over 75 tons of packaged ice for the purpose of cooling down the concrete used to build the bridge supports. It is common practice for ice to be used in these circumstances to slow down the chemical reactions that occur as the concrete sets, leaving the concrete stronger and more durable. Since then Tropical Ice has supplied produce to industrial projects of varying sizes and we have enjoyed working with our clients and leaving our mark on the local landscape. Here at Tropical Ice we have the manufacturing equipment and logistical capabilities to supply up to 120 tons of ice per day and we are happy to work with our clients to provide them with the correct amount of ice to successfully complete their projects.